Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to be a minister....

Ten days after the election results are out, and the formation of the cabinet is delayed due to various parties and folks cashing on on IOU's , family avarice, and religion.....

Elected Children of MP's vying for a post,

Some folks in Delhi, favoring their dost,
Chief ministers in a huff,
We feel enough is enough,
Passing an exam must be compulsory for most

Choosing on religion, and merit unseen,
Votes , the final consideration has been,
Next come the states,
Wide open the floodgates,
This is bigger than any cabinet we've seen

Would you like to be a minister, tell me now,
No need to study, just learn how to bow,
No exams , no results,
Just follow political cults,
But stay away from those who follow Chairman Mao.....

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