Monday, May 18, 2009

Criminals up by 17%

150 tainted MPs in 15th Lok Sabha: Report (link)

Pay your taxes on time, and stand in a line,
Follow al the rules and you'll be just fine,
Dont treat govt as fools,
Obey the traffic rules,
Just slog daily from nine to nine....

But if you're a murderer, or a cheat,
You can fight for a parliament seat,
With a bad criminal case,
Get a halo behind your face,
And smile at the boss in the party meet.....

Criminals in the legislature,up by 17 percent,
I just wonder where all the decent types went,
I'm just wondering whether,
We can pack all crooks together,
And replace them with folks with some decent intent.......


  1. Nothing like the elections to bring out blatant criminal tendencies in our candidates, and latent creative tendencies in us.

  2. Hi, Youve got a great blog here, very interesting indeed, the one on the great lucky shoe was very interesting and humorous!
    Keep up the great work!
    Great goin!


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