Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Scam Bank

The secret is now open wide,
So many with so much to hide,
An amazing erruption
The stories of Corruption
And how so-and-so cheated and lied.

Cheating in land and cheating on Games,
Cheating in airwaves, and mining claims,
Behaving true to form
Blatant lying is the norm,
You oppose and your career goes up in flames.

Why not we  define a Scam Cooperative Bank
All scam stuff recovered will be money in the tank,
No tolerating nonsense
No sitting on the fence
And no one signing on cheques that are blank...

It's time our citizen's  needs are heeded,
So many million toilets for all are needed,
Roads, medicines and schools,
Will no longer suffer fools,
And its time the women were better treated

And as the head of the bank, appoint a set of three,
One woman,a senior citizen, and a lawyer who works free;
Dont forget  a few MUSTS,
Refuse loans to all Trusts,
And tell others , things will not be interest free....

Glare at the Netas, bar politicians at the door,
They will abuse, but then they are rotten to the core,
But there's a slight quirk,
Some folks must really work,
To create scams , so the bank gets funded more and more...

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Reluctant Dahlia

My friend Deepak Amembal has a Magiceye.  He recently went on a visit to Kanatal  in the Western Himalayas , and tried to click this Dahlia on one of his walks.

What can  I say. She simply turned her face away.......  :-(

I dont blame the dahlia. Must be unnerving to have several people with black contraptions peering and looking   at her , when normally,  people simply pass her by in the daily course of events.

Dahlias are not known to be shy,
This one is, and I wonder why.
She gives a glance quick,
And a fellow goes Click,
That's it. She turns away. Goodbye.