Saturday, January 30, 2010

Whither awards ?

Sant Singh Chatwal , fundraiser, suspected and investigated for fraud by CBI, and Saif Ali Khan, highly pedigreed, but ordinary actor, and accused of wild life poaching, awarded the Padma awards on Jan 26. One wonders about prerequisites, and if there are any, for selection. LINK

The Padma awards should be the nations pride,
Should be mostly for those who by law abide,
But Sants accused of Fraud,
Still get the final nod,
With the Minister standing firmly by the side...

The Padma awards should be the nations Joy,
Not something that is tweaked like a child's toy,
But some say, what a life !
They've given it to Saif,
Mouthing obscenities in films, has worked for the boy...

We notice some only after the world recognizes,
And gives them awards, citations and prizes,
But you know it wasn't fun,
Godfather ? They never had one...
Just obstructions of all kinds and all sizes...

And so what of those, who do a dedicated slog,
And some who work for each and every underdog,
But I guess its not funny,
These folks have no money,
And all you can do is praise them in your blog....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Public abuse

Ex-PM, Deve Gowda, abuses the Karnataka CM personally on television. (Link)

We hear him loud , we hear him well,
Whether children heard, time will tell,
By his own admission,
B**words on television,
And assorted abuse thrown pel-mell....

Former PM nodding away to sleep,
Eyes open, its difficult to keep,
Calls names and abuses,
To shut up he refuses,
Giving a new meaning to a word called cheap.

In my school such a chap would be sent,
To wash his mouth, and change his intent
A treatment with a cane,
Regardless of the Pain,
And treat him like dirt wherever he went.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ministers and movies

The Maharashtra Government ministers will watch the latest money grossing Aamir Khan movie "3 Idiots" to see if it has influenced students in the KEM ragging case. Given what is happeneing everyday, how many different movies must the ministers watch ? And when will they govern ? (Link)

Ragging has been going on for years,
Reducing sincere students, to tears,
To avoid events like these
The minister, 3 Idiots" sees,
There will be no action, a parent fears....

Life as in movies OR movies depicting life,
Violence and Corruption at the point of a knife,
Womanizing and molesting
They seem to be testing
The patience of the citizens facing this strife

Lacking implementation , are the laws,
The government blind to all its own flaws,
Indiscipline is in season,
Cinema cant be the only reason,
Have they ever investigated, the actual cause ?

Monday, January 4, 2010

The case of the Veldona Lozenge

Scientists in Australia have developed a lozenge contain very small amounts of Inreferon Alpha, that works against all flus and colds including swine flu. (Link)

The pharmaceuticals are really upset,
Profit margins havent been met,
With the swine and flu,
Coming to a city near you,
Selling vaccine was going to be a sure bet.

Now an Aussie prof simply comes by,
And shows a lozenge you can try,
100% cheaper and new,
Now you dont need Tamiflu,
And the vaccines are left high and dry...