Sunday, April 10, 2011

Faster in Jail

Pappu Yadav, MP , accused in 15 criminal cases, and convicted for the murder of one, and serving a life term, went on a fast in Beoor Jail ,"claiming to be in support of Anna Hazare". One wonders , if goonda politicians like Pappu, have changed overnight, or whether they now have one more trick up their sleeves. And one also wonders why the mainstream media reports this avidly.

A simple man energizes the nation,
Fasts and the govt issues a proclamation,
So many supportive voices
The middle class rejoices,
Civil society now invited for participation

But there's a trickle down effect in Beoor Jail,
With 15 criminal cases,one conviction, and no bail,
Pappu Yadav does a fast,
Found a solution at last,
Such gestures from a crooked clever MP never fail....

Somewhere the media seems to have a screw loose
It gives him importance by reporting this news,
With jantar mantar here,
The contrast is so clear,
And the jail head participates by giving Pappu juice.....

Is a fast just about no food, and number of days ?
Isn't it the quality of the person, and what he says ?
When the corrupt Pappu fasts,
Ignore him while it lasts,
Or he might think , it not just works, but even pays...

So stay tuned for those who will now fast to win,
Employing supporters to come and make a din,
Special doctors will come
And start looking glum,
Pappus will wink, and say let the tamasha begin....