Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Political sports or sporty politics ?

That politics is a sport, and not a vocation,
Is the bitter truth, so clear in this nation,
They duck and they hit,
And steal bit by bit,
And for fun, shout in a parliament session.

The Gill police on Hockey have a grab,
Cricket headships the ministers just nab,
It may surprise you and me,
But Archery is with the BJP,
And athletics is studded with officials with flab..

Escalating Games budgets, always a delay,
More hotel rooms, more roads, they say,
But for those doing sport,
No help of any sort,
Selections and merit are unconnected, by the way....

Players less, but the managing officials are more,
Maybe the system is just rotten to the core,
No medals, no wonder,
A nation subject to plunder,
What remains, the owners themselves steal from the store ?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Priorities ? Woh kya hota hai ? Kya price ?

Does Kochi getting IPL construct more hospitals or a new street ?
Does a lady in Dubai getting 75 crores reduce the Mumbai heat ?
With all the moneyed hype,
Does it repair a burst pipe,
Or catch Fruitsellers who ripen mangoes chemically and cheat ?

RTE has no funds, bullet proof jackets not yet on order,
Infiltration continues non stop from from across the border,
Parliament is obsessed with Tharoor,
Who says m,"I'm a minister, zaroor,
And they hired Sunanda Pushkar as they could afford her"

Development lags, but they say what the leader tells,
Parliament and MP's , cant they discuss anything else ?
Who tweeted, and who called,
Who income tax had hauled,
And who has influence and for how much it sells ?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Depressing expansions

(photo by Kavi Arasu, clicked at the Tank Museum, Ahmednagar)

War brings out the valour , and some folks really shine,
Tanks leading the charge, fighting at the front-line,
"Valentine"'s the type,
But no romantic hype,
It's "Vickers-Armstrong Ltd Elswick & (Newcastle-upon) Tyne"

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Love all. Start.

The Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha Circus.

Divorce without marriage, marriage without divorce,
Press interviews conducted with emphasis and force
She's a known unknown
He married her on phone
"Weighty matters" made him deny all that, of course....

'Serv'ing notices, 'lob'bing answers,a comment nicely 'shot',
The two sports folk, got massive publicity and what not,
But the law took its course
And very meekly, in remorse,
He divorced the first one, elders convincing him a lot.

Does our country need this, who he marries, why care?
He calls himself a sportsman, but doesn't know what's fair...
Wish him and Sania goodbye
As they escape to Dubai
A banned cricketer, and a setting tennis star,what a pair!