Friday, April 16, 2010

Priorities ? Woh kya hota hai ? Kya price ?

Does Kochi getting IPL construct more hospitals or a new street ?
Does a lady in Dubai getting 75 crores reduce the Mumbai heat ?
With all the moneyed hype,
Does it repair a burst pipe,
Or catch Fruitsellers who ripen mangoes chemically and cheat ?

RTE has no funds, bullet proof jackets not yet on order,
Infiltration continues non stop from from across the border,
Parliament is obsessed with Tharoor,
Who says m,"I'm a minister, zaroor,
And they hired Sunanda Pushkar as they could afford her"

Development lags, but they say what the leader tells,
Parliament and MP's , cant they discuss anything else ?
Who tweeted, and who called,
Who income tax had hauled,
And who has influence and for how much it sells ?


  1. Superb. Love all your limericks.

  2. Just stumbled upon this blog!!! This poem is funny yet taps my mind!!! hope it taps the brain (If they have) of the people who represent our nation!


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