Saturday, September 12, 2009

The other day, while addressing American schoolchildren, US President Obama stated that his ideal dinner guest would be Gandhi. [Link]

The US President Obama
Created a minor 'Hungama'
He said 'Gandhi is the best'
As presidential dinner guest
But it was a fasting day for the Mahatma!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quick and desperate solutions

For all the Congress talk of austerity and sacrifice in the time of drought — its MPs have been asked to pay 20% of their salary for drought relief — two of its high-profile Ministers are comfortably settled in two five-star hotels in the capital.

For over three months now, External Affairs Minister S M Krishna is at ITC’s Maurya on Sardar Patel Marg and his junior Shashi Tharoor at Hotel Taj Mahal on Man Singh Road Link

There was a young chap in a school,
Who was asked what profession was cool;
He said, "Politics , by far,
Your life is five-star,
And the food will just make you drool..."

Dal is so expensive , we just make kadhi,
Petrol soars, I share a bike with my buddy,
What use is a Rank,
With nothing in the bank,
Its really pointless to continue to study.

Wear a tricolor scarf, walk in the crowd,
Ordinary speeches, then Jai Hind really loud,
Delete the trouble makers,
Reward the loyal fakers,
Emerge as a minister, bloody but unbowed.