Saturday, September 12, 2009

The other day, while addressing American schoolchildren, US President Obama stated that his ideal dinner guest would be Gandhi. [Link]

The US President Obama
Created a minor 'Hungama'
He said 'Gandhi is the best'
As presidential dinner guest
But it was a fasting day for the Mahatma!



  1. I do not intend to curse
    'Cos my verse is generally much worse ;)
    Hurt though my sentiments are, dear Sirs,
    Barack Obama is a Gandhi fan,
    makes me rethink Obama-Ban :)

  2. Great idea! Keep it up!
    And do visit my new blog:
    even if you consider me a pseudo-poet.

  3. Your limericks are even better than most poetry!

  4. I loved the posts in limericks. Good and balanced criticism of the state of affairs.


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