Monday, April 27, 2009

No, thank you, not now.....

Nehru-Gandhi scion says not ready to be Indian PM (Link)

He slogged at school all thru his childhood,

Crowded trains to college, as any other would,
He feels someone has lied
For a job he has applied,
And he isnt getting replies ,thats not good....

These qualifications for some are never seen,

It matters most who your father has been,
They say "Now is the time,
To be our minister, Prime",
And he says," No , not now, I'm not really keen...."

A lifetime of facilities and requirements to waive,
Publicly funded security , by our soldiers so brave,
But what boggles imagination,
Is incomes without education,
And a raining of benefits, which you greedily save...

Do we have no respect for the middle class man,

Managing his job, and family , as best as he can,
Tries to live in good deeds
Minimizing his needs,
But he has lost the election before it even began.....


(This 'limerick' is, hopefully, an accurate and journalistic reporting of the affair)

Five eager bloggers met for lunch,
It’d be rather fun, they had a hunch,
There was discussion aplenty,
Stomachs went not empty,
To sum up: “talk, sizzle, talk, munch, munch, munch”.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Footwear industry reports great second quarter gains....

Net to protect Modi from possible shoe attack (Link)

You either duck, or you return the shot,
The badminton racket , for that , is really hot,
But when the shuttle is a shoe,
What's a politician to do ?
Put a net in front , thats what Modi has got....

But folks are angry, and thinking on their toes,
Practising angles and speeds of their throws,
Some guys might get real wise,
And Even reduce the shoe size,
So it passes thru the Net, and targets the nose

On the throne , Bharat placed Lord Ram's padukaas,
With great respect they were worshipped en masse
But in these eras of disgust
Search, we really must,
For some decent folks amidst the bosses and stars....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


(Our very own man-magnet, Ms Mallika Sherawat, recently had a milkshake named after her, following in the footsteps of the illustrious Ms Victoria Beckham. Mallika was recently seen on NDTV – courtesy YouTube – enthusiastically throwing strawberries into…the milk).

Move over, MNC Nestle’s old-fashioned Milkmaid
Desi Mallika is our fave Mother Dairy, instead,
This busty lissome damsel,
Easily can milkshake sell,
Whatever you may call her, you can’t call her staid.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

An abundance of anger

Food packet flung at a politician in Goa (Link)

Dodging flung missiles, is a practised art,
Shoes, chappals, food , where do you start?
This Goan man was so funny
He flung a packet of biryani
Saying, in a democracy , I'm just playing my part.....

And although , while dodging , the politicians fumble,
They never lose their balance, just fall, or stumble
The netas are so khush,
They feel just like Bush,
To be a shoe target , is now a status symbol.....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The unbearable lightness of " being rice"

(Click on the delicious stuff to give up)

Rice pearls indulged by thick curds,
Add pickle, and I have no words
To describe the taste,
No time to waste,
Slurp! manners are just for birds...

Deep into the sambar, lost is the rice,
Veggies and dal in a syrup of spice,
Swear somebody's kasam,
Dont give up rice and rasam,
Life amidst chapaties is not so nice...

Idlis and dosas, have their rice content too,
As a South Indian fellow, I am sure you knew,
You might just give up those,
A whiff of chutney up your nose,
And the grinding folks will be grateful to you.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boom, Doom, and Grooms....

NRI grooms lose in recession, Indian grooms gain ! But now the demand for NRI*** grooms has fallen by almost 20 per cent and, with the economic slump hitting the private sector badly, people are once again looking out for 'stable' government employees. (Link)

They'd repatriate money and create housing booms
Construct palatial bungalows with several rooms,
Now brides are asking , "Why
Should I marry an NRI*** ? "
The economic downturn and layoffs spell doom...

So devalued has become the NRI label,
Folks look locally, as much as they are able,
Avoid the shaky dollar,
Prefer the Nehru collar,
Guys in govt jobs are preferred as they're stable.....

***NRI : Non Resident Indian

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why it takes long to load this page....

India has been ranked 115th among 223 countries in terms of average internet connection speeds.India ranked 17th globally on another parameter called attack traffic -- a measure of rogue activity on the Internet, such as DNS attacks, bots, spam activity and hackers. (LINK)

With all the IT brouhaha, you'd think we take the lead,
But no, India stands 117th, in the net connection speed.
But it jumps 100 ranks,
In rogue activity pranks,
DNS attacks,BOTs and hackers; is anyone paying heed ??

Buy happiness, Try experience

The old saying goes—money can't buy you happiness. But, as a study finds, spending money on experiences—like a vacation—will bring more happiness than buying material things such as jewelry or clothing. [Link]

Says Madam Marina Krakovsky
A proposition interesting, but risky
For happiness, buy an experience
Indulging in desires and prurience
Happiness matures with time like whisky