Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boom, Doom, and Grooms....

NRI grooms lose in recession, Indian grooms gain ! But now the demand for NRI*** grooms has fallen by almost 20 per cent and, with the economic slump hitting the private sector badly, people are once again looking out for 'stable' government employees. (Link)

They'd repatriate money and create housing booms
Construct palatial bungalows with several rooms,
Now brides are asking , "Why
Should I marry an NRI*** ? "
The economic downturn and layoffs spell doom...

So devalued has become the NRI label,
Folks look locally, as much as they are able,
Avoid the shaky dollar,
Prefer the Nehru collar,
Guys in govt jobs are preferred as they're stable.....

***NRI : Non Resident Indian

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