Thursday, April 9, 2009

The unbearable lightness of " being rice"

(Click on the delicious stuff to give up)

Rice pearls indulged by thick curds,
Add pickle, and I have no words
To describe the taste,
No time to waste,
Slurp! manners are just for birds...

Deep into the sambar, lost is the rice,
Veggies and dal in a syrup of spice,
Swear somebody's kasam,
Dont give up rice and rasam,
Life amidst chapaties is not so nice...

Idlis and dosas, have their rice content too,
As a South Indian fellow, I am sure you knew,
You might just give up those,
A whiff of chutney up your nose,
And the grinding folks will be grateful to you.....


  1. Expert cooks may cook beautiful dishes with whatever avaiable in the house. you are just like that.

  2. here i m on a self inflicted detox diet... and you keep showing me that tastly sambhar !!! slurrrrrp !!


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