Thursday, December 9, 2010

International Anti-Corruption Day.

54% people in India paid a bribe last year : study

One person in four worldwide paid bribe during the past year while 54 per cent Indians said they greased the palms of authorities to get things done, says a study released on Thursday, Dec 8, 2010, to mark International Anti-Corruption Day.

Folks will always from observing imbibe,
We're cursed with a cheating political tribe'
I guess it wont surprise you,
That barring a set of honest few,
54% of Indians resort to paying a bribe.....

If you wait in line , you are a big fool,
Pay more, and get admission in school,
If something is taking a while,
You grease palms to push a file,
There's always a needy peon sitting out on a stool

Sophisticated types, pay sometimes in kind,
They can read whatever is in the minister's mind,
Jobs for relatives, maybe a house,
A directorship for an ambitious spouse,
But then law works slowly, yet is never blind....

Scams to the left of you, scams to the right,
Every time CBI says the case is really tight,
To call someone honest,
Always appears like a jest,
Simplicity is wrong, and money is never white.....