Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Unhappy Ass

It's such a shame said the ass
That humans so utterly crass
Are called by my name
How can they think I look the same
As an uncouth, lumpen mass?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Neuro Linguistic Programming in Toilet, Andy Murray Style

Read Andy's Story on Toilet pep talk here

The Brit tennis player Andy Murray
Was losing his game, never heard ‘Hurray’
He ran to toilet, we don’t know what he was doing
They say he tried Neuro Linguistic Programming
And bang he won, now he goes there thrice a day!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Salvatorian Encounters

My blogger friend Vivek Patwardhan recently visited Sri Lanka to celebrate his anniversary, as well as to try out his new camera. While on the Madhu Boat Safari, an unexpected creature was sighted by the boatman as they cleared the mangroves. 

While the boat executed a filmy Bollywood style quick complete turn, amidst exclamations and "EEEEks", Vivek kept on clicking and saying "Varanous Salvatore" to himself  several times.  A fancy Zooological name for what the boatman called Water Monitor. According to Vivek's Zoological memories, this creature is a carnivore.

Here's what actually happened .....

(Click here to see some more pics  and read Vivek's blogpost)

(photo by Vivek Patwardhan)
A Class Reptilia Varanous Salvatore,
Watching these two walking on the shore,
Saw the lady in great admiration
As her husband yelled in agitation,
"Run, run, this fellow is a carnivore...."

But she smiled, and said "How cool, how cool!,
There is always an exception to any Zoologic rule,
Since it's a photo you seek
I'm willing to scream "Eeeek"
But the eyes of the fellow simply make me drool"....

So he stopped treating the chap as an adversary,
Floated right on, giving him glances cursory,
And Salvatore went back home,
In a splash of silver foam,
He had simply wanted to say "Happy Anniversary !"