Sunday, February 28, 2010

The "Twittering" Class

One more time :Tharoor, Clarification, controversy Link

He speaks about cattle and tweets like a bird,
Is always misunderstood for misuse of the word,
Now Saudis are "interlocuter"
He tweets from his computer,
Wasting everyones time on clarifications absurd.

We know he's a writer, it doesnt need to show,
And this is not the UN, he really needs to know,
But he loves to air his views
And thinks he is making news,
A few more twits and they may just ask him to go.....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Save the Tiger ?

Tiger Woods public apology (LINK)

They are so good at creating an event,
And invitations to the press are sent,
The Tiger will mew
And convince a few,
And possibly straighten the rules that he bent.

He'll do various therapies, then some golf he will play,
Hopefully ignoring temptations along the way,
He only just said sorry,
But really he should worry,
What his children will feel when they hear what people say

Saturday, February 13, 2010

two fools and a movie

Several state governments mobilize to ensure that the movie , "My name is Khan" is released, without trouble from certain agitating political parties. Police in thousands deployed across Maharsahtra, while in Gujarat, a word from Modi , despire VHP opposition, gets the movie going. (link1)

Rising dal prices, really, who cares ?
The Congress and Sena in a game of dares,
Neednt afford a lunch,
Says the shameless bunch,
Just look at Shahrukh wearing his glares....

The State says the movie must run
Food unaffordable, but we must have fun,
Who cares about milk ?
But the Sena and its ilk
Must lose and it must look like we won...

Schools have no water, the paint just peels,
How does it matter what a child feels,
He learns by rote,
And cannot yet vote,
So we will forget all about school midday meals.

Movies must happen, who needs schools,
For fancy actors they will bend all the rules,
I guess they never learn
That they need to govern,
And not appear to all like a bunch of fools.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

poorly safe ?

Victorian top cop asks Indians to 'look poor' to avoid attacks in Australia (LINK)

Victorian police chief Simon Overland has advised Indian students in Australia to keep a low profile and "try to look as poor as you can" to avoid attacks, drawing strong condemnation from the community which called his statement "ridiculous".

Thieves are valid, but you are not,
Just hide all the nice things you got,
Says Chief Overland.
But we dont understand,
Why looking poor should help us a lot ?

Avoid late night buses, and do what ? walk ?
And then be mugged, and down with a knock ?
If someplace crime is high
He needs to find out why ,
And cut out all this pointless uselss talk.