Saturday, February 13, 2010

two fools and a movie

Several state governments mobilize to ensure that the movie , "My name is Khan" is released, without trouble from certain agitating political parties. Police in thousands deployed across Maharsahtra, while in Gujarat, a word from Modi , despire VHP opposition, gets the movie going. (link1)

Rising dal prices, really, who cares ?
The Congress and Sena in a game of dares,
Neednt afford a lunch,
Says the shameless bunch,
Just look at Shahrukh wearing his glares....

The State says the movie must run
Food unaffordable, but we must have fun,
Who cares about milk ?
But the Sena and its ilk
Must lose and it must look like we won...

Schools have no water, the paint just peels,
How does it matter what a child feels,
He learns by rote,
And cannot yet vote,
So we will forget all about school midday meals.

Movies must happen, who needs schools,
For fancy actors they will bend all the rules,
I guess they never learn
That they need to govern,
And not appear to all like a bunch of fools.


  1. Very nice!

    The politicians, the actors, and the media- all have made fools of the rest of us. They watch with glee as some of us defend one, some of us the other- and these three profit!

  2. and maybe...

    the media trudges away
    like a bamboo shoot would sway
    in the 'winds' of news creation
    moth-eaten rote education?
    our life's RUSH hour traffic... night 'n day

    nice post... maybe we have just grown numb, just being in a packaged existence.

  3. Brilliant! I have been feeling the same way for the past few weeks, but I would never have been able to express it in prose like you did. The way we are ignoring the real issues which need to be addressed and unnecessarily getting worked up over irrelevant issues like SRK's movie is indeed depressing.

    This is the first time I have stumbled upon your blog, and now I just can't wait to go through your earlier posts :)


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