Monday, August 29, 2011


Rain, rain don't go away,
Mumbai doesn't mind either way,
Everybody still comes to work and play.
Even though it rains night and day.

Stuck in puddles, caught in muddles
The BMC blames the tide
The road contractors choose to hide
Let the ministers decide
Who is the culprit? What's his name?
Monsoon depression? High tide? Amavas? Who will win this blame-game?

Friday, August 26, 2011

No Title, No sense, No solution

The confusion around me in making me giddy
It seems that these days it is useless to study
The "choice" job you see,
Is to actually be an MP.
Where people love to pay you for being their "buddy"

Bank balances from thousands bloom into crores,
Its boom time for you and those you call yours,
You get a huge commission
for clearing a permission,
And those who don't pay are just shown the doors

You wonder what I am trying to say, wait, don't frown,
Corruption, always is learnt , from the top, down,
That's why they are so fussy
On not including lower bureaucracy,
Bribe is not just a verb, but a very massive noun.

Concept of Parliament is supreme, not those inside,
So many gutless elected folks, with so much to hide
Quoting procedure to save face,
Not one of them has any grace,
And not one has ventured to Ramlila to the old man's side....

Badam-Pista Iftaars,the ruling party folks getting bolder,
Keep fibbing to the fasting man, now 11 days and older..
Party spokesman should shut up
The common man is fed up,
The 74 year old Shravan Bal, carries now, the country on his shoulder....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Of an Old Man and Politicians

There was an old man who was frail
But did lots to boost national morale
He wanted to root out corruption
That didn't go down with the politicians
So they did what they could - sent him to jail

Just as the daylight began to pale
They thought to get him out of the jail
But the old man refused
Leaving the politicians bemused
He let the wind out of their sails

I think he prefers to stay in jail
Rather than come out on bail
For he has national sympathy
And international empathy
I hope this saga ends well

Monday, August 15, 2011

Memory Gain - Sequel!

This is Satchi's sequel to my post 'Memory Gain.' It is so well written that I have copied and pasted it as a post so that it can be seen by all.

So Dolly asked rather coyly
Can you tell me who is this Molly?
How dare you flirt around
When to me you are legally bound
And indulge in behaviour unholy?

She knocked him hard on his head
For many days he was laid up in bed
'Twas a good thing that she did do
For when he eventually came to
He finally remembered whom he had wed


Memory Gain

See The BPS Research Digest which reports a recent study The conclusion "Overall, these results suggest that individuals can gain a memory advantage from a ten-minute walk before studying," the researchers said. "Given [these] positive results ... and [their] potentially important practical applications, we hope that researchers will continue to explore the relationship between walking, memory, and meta-memory." 

There was an old man from New Delhi
Who forgot his wife's name, 'twas 'Dolly'
They asked him to walk briskly
To recall the name instantly
He did and whispered 'Oh, My darling Molly!'