Monday, August 15, 2011

Memory Gain

See The BPS Research Digest which reports a recent study The conclusion "Overall, these results suggest that individuals can gain a memory advantage from a ten-minute walk before studying," the researchers said. "Given [these] positive results ... and [their] potentially important practical applications, we hope that researchers will continue to explore the relationship between walking, memory, and meta-memory." 

There was an old man from New Delhi
Who forgot his wife's name, 'twas 'Dolly'
They asked him to walk briskly
To recall the name instantly
He did and whispered 'Oh, My darling Molly!'



  1. So Dolly asked rather coyly
    Can you tell me who is this Molly?
    How dare you flirt around
    When to me you are legally bound
    And indulge in behaviour unholy?

    She knocked him hard on his head
    For many days he was laid up in bed
    'Twas a good thing that she did do
    For when he eventually came to
    He finally remembered whom he had wed

  2. haa.. what a nice treatment! no one will have memory problem if right treatment like this is given :-)

  3. Vivek,

    LOL. Have you got inspiration from one who has selected memory loss?

    Take care


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