Monday, January 3, 2011

Legislative Langurs

Monkeys Unite MP's: Langurs appointed (Link)
It’s a cause that seems to have united Members of Parliament across party lines on Mahadev Road.

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha tried her level best,
All Party meetings, lunches , dinners, and the rest,
But the Mps were hell bent,
They simply wouldnt relent,
And refused to change their demand at anyones behest.

Sometimes the solution lies in folks lower down
The evolution tree, they're OK, so don't frown ;
There's no action required,
So you just dont get tired,
And so easy will lie the Head that wears the crown.

The MP's of Delhi, so far just had flunkeys,
They now have to face the wrath of the monkeys,
Their houses they enter,
On Food their eyes center,
And clothes, and water tanks, as far as one sees,

Across party lines they decided to unite,
Against Simian terrorists the defense was tight
To avoid a further raid
From their pockets they paid,
L-plus Langur security , was an amazing sight...

Monkeys dodging langurs, walking with those men,
The Ministry grants them iD's with a flourish of a pen,
Real quick and tidy,
For them , no UID,
Each deadly look from a langur, must frighten monkeys ten,

Ma'am Speaker, you've searched for solutions near and far,
Tough Legislative Langurs are now the need of the hour,
An upheld Langur Haath,
will stop running Mp's in their path,
And peace will reign again on the Parliamentary floor..