Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friends, I am really sad to hear of the bomb blasts that have once again rocked Mumbai, the city of my birth - the city where my grand-parents, mama and family lived.  Though very unfortunate, I thought a little black humour might lighten up the spirit.  I would like to clarify that I have no intentions of hurting anyone's feelings or making a mockery of an unfortunate event and do hope that it will be taken in the right spirit.

There was a city named Bombay
And was known that way for many a day
To Mumbai they changed its name
Though the city was pretty much the same
They felt it was better the Marathi way

Sadly terrorists bombed it
The Mumbaites were badly hit
But they went on with life
No matter how much strife
I salute the Marathi manoos' spirit

I only have a question today
Shall I put it down here if I may?
Given the nature of the happenings
And so many bombings
Why not revert to "Bomb Bay"?


  1. Satchi dear good one, the new name suits well as there had been so many Bomb blasts in Mumbai. Your Limmericks written so well.

  2. The author of this limerick has a worry
    She has prefaced it with a heartfelt 'Sorry'
    But this I say is the word last
    Harmful are the bombs that blast
    Inside people hearts, which they silently carry


  3. That, Vivek is very well said
    I wish terrorists would get it into their heads
    With terror nothing is achieved
    Lives once lost can never be retrieved
    But do you think they really do care?

  4. Vijima, thanks a lot for visiting and for the lovely comment. :-)

  5. Dear Satchi,

    the name is very apt, BOMB Ay is very apt for mumbai keeps getting Bombed as it is.

    what a lovely city and look what have they reduced it to.



  6. Nice Limmerick Satchi. Yes, life is back to routine as people has to come out to earn the daily bread. Just praying it should not happen again.

  7. A smile at this time is something we all need. Hope this goes down well with those who insisted for change of name.

    Take care


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