Monday, July 4, 2011

Why Old Men Can't Paint

An old man decided to paint a portrait
Inviting a beauty to model and sit straight
She sat there smiling cheeks pink with blush
He did't know what to do with palette and brush
'Cause things happen to old men a little too late!


  1. But they happen. Old---is only a word in the mind and is a state of mind

  2. Age of the mind is a state
    Never mind if things happen early or late
    He sat with the paint brush
    'coz his mind was full of mush
    Has he completed the portrait to date?

  3. Dear Vivek,

    Man that was class,
    And surely not crass,
    the old man with the brush,
    maybe felt blood rush,

    just trie dmy hand at it.

    Good one man too good



  4. At least it happened.

    Take care


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