Monday, July 4, 2011

Honeymooner's reply

This is an extension [or response] by Satchitananda, a co-author of this blog, to my limerick 'Second Honeymoon.' It is originally posted as a 'comment' but it is so good that I have copied and pasted it here.

Ani jhalya gappa goshti suru
Jorjorat va halu halu
They cursed that horrible khadoos
Said "amchya bhangadeet nako padoos"
And to each other said "Aata aapan ithoon paloo".

Good one Vivek.

Thanks Satchi.


  1. I saw a Bhalu,
    So i went away Halu halu,

    Mala marathi nahi ati,
    amchi khate dal aour chappati,


    i was born and married in bombay city itself, now in jaipur since many years, so forgotton most of marathi.




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