Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Of an Old Man and Politicians

There was an old man who was frail
But did lots to boost national morale
He wanted to root out corruption
That didn't go down with the politicians
So they did what they could - sent him to jail

Just as the daylight began to pale
They thought to get him out of the jail
But the old man refused
Leaving the politicians bemused
He let the wind out of their sails

I think he prefers to stay in jail
Rather than come out on bail
For he has national sympathy
And international empathy
I hope this saga ends well


  1. Enjoyed this one Satchi! You said it!!

  2. A leaderless country has been now blessed.

  3. Good one, Satchi... Looking forward to a justified and reasonable solution to it


  4. Satchitananda,

    Good dig at what happened.

    Take care


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