Thursday, April 23, 2009

Footwear industry reports great second quarter gains....

Net to protect Modi from possible shoe attack (Link)

You either duck, or you return the shot,
The badminton racket , for that , is really hot,
But when the shuttle is a shoe,
What's a politician to do ?
Put a net in front , thats what Modi has got....

But folks are angry, and thinking on their toes,
Practising angles and speeds of their throws,
Some guys might get real wise,
And Even reduce the shoe size,
So it passes thru the Net, and targets the nose

On the throne , Bharat placed Lord Ram's padukaas,
With great respect they were worshipped en masse
But in these eras of disgust
Search, we really must,
For some decent folks amidst the bosses and stars....

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