Monday, April 27, 2009

No, thank you, not now.....

Nehru-Gandhi scion says not ready to be Indian PM (Link)

He slogged at school all thru his childhood,

Crowded trains to college, as any other would,
He feels someone has lied
For a job he has applied,
And he isnt getting replies ,thats not good....

These qualifications for some are never seen,

It matters most who your father has been,
They say "Now is the time,
To be our minister, Prime",
And he says," No , not now, I'm not really keen...."

A lifetime of facilities and requirements to waive,
Publicly funded security , by our soldiers so brave,
But what boggles imagination,
Is incomes without education,
And a raining of benefits, which you greedily save...

Do we have no respect for the middle class man,

Managing his job, and family , as best as he can,
Tries to live in good deeds
Minimizing his needs,
But he has lost the election before it even began.....

1 comment:

  1. Exact reflection of the state of the common man of today!!!

    Wonderful limerick.



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