Friday, May 1, 2009

Election of Frogs....

Gov solution to dengue: Feed mosquitoes to frogs (LINK)

International studies have concluded that frogs are in no way effective in containing the mosquito population in the country. Delhi State health department may ship frogs from UP and Haryana.

Some folks in Haryana must be tickled pink,
They've convinced the Delhi government to think,
Who cares what anyone thinks of it,
Their frog farms will earn a profit,
As for the polluted Yamuna. It can just stink....

Dengue and malaria, your life goes to the dogs,
These mosquitoes are supposedly mithai to the frogs,
If you see a frog watching you,
Next time you use the loo,
Its just relaxing after all the insects it hogs

But scientists imply that frogs believe in caste,
These dengue type mosquitoes by them are bypassed,
Yet as a sop across the Delhi border,
The frogs will still be put on Order,
And sense and science will be totally outclassed......

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