Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Handful of Love

This is what Shilpa Shetty says about her African Safari experience on her blog ....
"Fed ostriches and got pecked by one! And also fed a giraffe, they have the longest purple tongues, wrapped it around my hand, leaving its saliva all over it, eeow! But what fun" [Link to her Blog]

The tallest animal, the African Giraffe
Said 'Yaron, Mera dil to hai saaf'
He used his long purple tongue
Licked Shilpa's hands and sung
'My job just begun, not done even half'


1 comment:

  1. Raj Kundra and Warne were doing high-fives,
    And Kundra saw the giraffe with fire in his eyes,
    To hit he raised his hand,
    But he didnt understand,
    Unche log, Unchi pasand, the giraffe had beat him in size...


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