Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blogging at 97 : RIP

Spanish granny dubbed 'world's oldest blogger' dies (link)

Maria Amelia Lopez, who died on Wednesday, began blogging from her home in Galicia two years ago, winning a raft of fans with her eclectic mix of commentary and nostalgia infused with a sharp wit. She said ,""On December 23rd 2006, my grandson gave me a present, this blog when I was 95 years old ... and my life changed ... now, I can communicate and interact with the world.".......

Her grandson gifted her a blog in 2006,
And she picked up the techniques and tricks,
As 95 years og age,
Blogging page after page,
And the numerous comments gave her the kicks....

The worlds oldest, Maria Amelia Lopez,
And she Blogged for a total of 888 days,
She woke up the world,
Her opinions unfurled,
Set an example for us in so many ways...

At the age of 97, she is, no more, now
Her regular readers miss her and how!
So incisive her writing,
The wit was so biting,
All I can say, is simply, Oh Wow !......

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    wud like to know ur opinions.. i m commenting only gals bcos if i get a gal to comment u indirectly hit d guys hehehe so plz co-operate ;) atleast consider d time i spent on it :D


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