Friday, May 15, 2009

Citizen Lament

Jayalalitha, resplendent in her cape so great,

Hopes the call from New Delhi will not be late,
What is now very clear,
Is she doesnt like Sonia,
But there are things that could alter this concept of hate....

Statues to the left and Statues to the right,

Leaning and towering, eighteeen feet in height,
And as UP looks at posts higher,
they realize it is all just Maya,
And her belief that her future in Delhi is so bright

So we go eastwards lest Mamata we forget ,
To beat the Left, we think she is just set,
But its interesting to learn,
To Mama Mia she may turn,
And we wonder how then she'll get along with the Left?

Manifestoes will adorn every party's face,
Lies will be stated with the most disgusting grace,
Ministers will be sworn,
More crooks will be born,
Making more money ? Let them count the ways.....

This game of power has sure become funny,
Everyone's so righteous, except about money,
Pockets being crammed,
Principles be damned,
It doesnt matter whether its Manmohan or Advani.....

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