Saturday, April 10, 2010

Love all. Start.

The Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha Circus.

Divorce without marriage, marriage without divorce,
Press interviews conducted with emphasis and force
She's a known unknown
He married her on phone
"Weighty matters" made him deny all that, of course....

'Serv'ing notices, 'lob'bing answers,a comment nicely 'shot',
The two sports folk, got massive publicity and what not,
But the law took its course
And very meekly, in remorse,
He divorced the first one, elders convincing him a lot.

Does our country need this, who he marries, why care?
He calls himself a sportsman, but doesn't know what's fair...
Wish him and Sania goodbye
As they escape to Dubai
A banned cricketer, and a setting tennis star,what a pair!


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  2. yes, i agree . let her do what she wants to do :)

    " saniya bharat ki beti hai" words of an elderly person :)

    yes, i agree . let her do what she wants to do :)

    now we just can't hate her. this not a big deal at all, tell her not to worry , give her a smile and wish her luck :)

    if she proofs herself right , we will be happy for her first, if not we should surely take care of her for our national respect (don't forget, she is an Indian ) :)

    let us show the world how mighty and soft heart Indians have got.

    a celebrity or star is always in the public eye , they are not too Dangerous than hidden one

    don't forget to read my Sunday's post (tomorrow) because i have included some lines about this matter :)

  3. The whole episode was really their personal affair, I think!

    In any case, where was there the legal need for a divorce? He could have married two more women if he had wanted.

  4. a personal affair brought out in public
    the (gentle)man burnt his fingers and so did the chic ! ;)

  5. When S and S have decided to tie a knot,
    why others are making this issue so hot?
    You said it right;
    why there is a fight?
    they want to marry; whether you like it or not

  6. OMG! pure awesomeness!!! very very nice. A blog in limerick! Excellent idea.

  7. I just love limericks,really very good idea,a blog in limericks :)

    Marinela x x

    Short Poems

  8. ajayThank you. I do non limericky poems too.... Check ....This..


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