Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brand Ambassadors

While so many problems beset our native land,
Some are busy becoming ambassadors for a "brand ",
Some represent a state,
Even sports, if really great,
Of course money is an issue , we don't understand

So a 5 star welcome from sportsmen on the ground,
Themselves with no benefits, still smiling around,
Cold floors to sleep,
Expenses so steep,
State selectors ensure they don't make a sound

Water with a smell and worms in their lunch,
Travelling in crowded trains, that's my hunch,
They listen to all shout
Yet play their heart out,
Shouldn't they be our ambassadors, this bunch ?


  1. Good question, but both sides do benefit!

    Because though it doesn't seem like they do- without brand ambassadors, there would perhaps be no games at all!


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