Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ma, Why is that man attacking the teacher ?

The Saga of Disruptions : Passing of the Women's Reservation Bill LINK

Evictions 7, disruptions nine,days two,
It wasnt to be easy, we always knew,
But hooligan members,
Fanning casteist embers,
They rushed to the well, as if on cue....

Worse than school bullies, with no shame,
Attacking the Speaker, for 30 minutes of fame
Grabbing papers and mike
Throwing anything they like
And lying down on the floor when the marshals came

In the Rajya Sabha the bill has just passed
The screaming gundas have been outclassed
Now the suspense has ended
They have been suspended,
Now its time to pass it in the Lok sabha fast.....

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