Friday, March 26, 2010

The Controversial Inaugration!

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan's presence at the Rajiv Gandhi Samudri Setu created a lot of stir in the real as well as virtual world.

MSRDC invited Amitabh Bachchan the great,
For the Bandra Sea Link inauguration by the state,
“The Government is calling,
I shouldn't really be stalling.”
And he drove there so as to not be too late.

He reached the venue, with a smile on his face;
At the very sea link, that changed the Mumbai Pace,
Huge crowds on the ground,
Friends, foes and politicians around,
He wished one and all with his usual grace.

Next day, the congress men started fussing around,
“Calling Big B for the Congress function on what ground?
He supports the NCP,
So what if he is a VIP?
He made us all upset, by making his presence profound.”

All of a sudden, bJP came to Mr. Bachchan’s rescue,
“We will support you, whatever maybe the issue.
Our party is always there,
Why do you have to care?
Let congress Party protest, we will for sure protect you.


Now I wonder, does anybody really care?
Do we elect them for our protection or to invite despair?
Besides ambition and greed,
free publicity they need,
We are left regretting and thinking: “Is this fair?”

PS: A special mention to Ugich Konitari for her valuable inputs that helped me to make this piece a Limerick. Thank you.


  1. Aapne to poora shrikhand bana liyaa,
    Maine sirf thodi elaichi dal diyaa,
    Padhne wale jo aas paas,
    Unko mazaa ayegaa ab khaas,
    Meraa Naam wahaan jaroori nahi, lekin shukriyaa...

  2. Continuing the tradtion,
    I will comment in moderation,

    It is fair indeed,
    else you risk the breed,
    you might be left alone,
    no one to call your phone.

    how will you show you re busy?
    I tell you, won't be easy,
    and if you re not important,
    your brand value will be redundant.

    thats when it hits your pocket,
    no longer the sponsored jacket,
    you begin to wonder in doubt,
    where's the rain in this drought?

    so you see please be seen,
    it keeps your wallet green,
    once in a while sound demanding,
    lest you run the risk of out - standing.

  3. ooh! this was hilarious.
    i hit upon this blog by chance. will be a regular now.

  4. Neha,you did a great job
    I'm glad I'm connected to this blog :)
    So many things I get to know,
    just by logging into this space,you know !!!

  5. Neha,i am so proud of you !!

  6. @ Ugich Konitari, Actually Thank You is a small word :)

    @ gyanban, that is another perspective..

    @ Mumbai Diva, glad you liked it..keep visiting :)

    @ Nu, thank you :)

    @ Kavita, thanks a lot buddy :)

  7. I am also so damn proud of you! :))


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