Sunday, March 28, 2010

A favour to the samosa ?

Rahul Gandhi relishes a samosa at Amethi roadside joint.....(That is news ?)

So many work lifelong and pay their dues,
Struggle to feed families, and stand in queues,
They have no godmother,
godfather, or godbrother,
And nothing they eat , ever makes news.

But Rahul Gandhi ate by the roadside; rejoice !
Samosas and pakodas, we're sure they were nice
What a favor to the masses,
Through Amethi he passes,
And impresses those who've never had any choice

Watching him wide eyed, sitting on their haunches,
They shuffle in front of politicians with paunches,
Who with ingratiating smiles,
Clever cheating and wiles,
Grab their cut from every scheme the government launches

These so called leaders have no real excuse,
They don't care for people, just their own statues,
A Samosa in hand,
On a podium they stand,
And everything they "eat" just continues to make news.


  1. Rahul ate samosas and pakodas under the sun,
    Reading his experience in a limerick was fun,
    you deserve a mention,
    for your sharp attention,
    You made a roadside samosa famous; Well done.

  2. Ayyo, its teekha, too much mirchi inside
    I must listen to Mama and by her rules abide,
    Maybe Dal Fry and Rice,
    But pasta would be nice,
    Everything will be OK once I get a bride

  3. Pasta ke liye karni padegi firang se shaadi,
    aur hona padega uski tuti-phuti hindi ka aadi,
    tabhi karegi wo raaj,
    bina koi takhto taaj,
    aisi bride se shadi nahi kehlati hai barbaadi

  4. Uff ! Kya yeh nazakat, kya yeh Adaa !
    Samosa lekar Rahul wahan se bhag padaa,
    Bola, "Jaldi chalo , Bhaago, Yaar,
    Samosa/Rupaiya, nahi chahiye haar
    Ghar me maloom huwa to problem hoga badaa....

  5. Maine suna Tumne Raste pe samosa khaya?
    samose ke liye party ka naam mitti me milaya.
    LimerickWala pe khul gaya raaz,
    Tumhari ye ma ho gayi naraz,
    Apne ye pet ke liye itna bada risk uthaya!!!

  6. Kya karoon, mujhe spices achche lagte hai,
    Ab Punjab me jaake thandi lassi piyunga mai
    Khaake Modak, Idli our Dosa,
    Opposition ko lagao thosa ,
    Bharatwasiyon ! Yeh national intergration hai !


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