Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fear factor

Womens' Reservation Bill will fill Parliament in 11 years with 99% women: Mulayam LINK

He thinks Parliament is like land;
You grab, you usurp, you take a stand;
You perpetuate wrong,
And it doesn't take long,
To mouth platitudes with an attitude bland.

Female takeover of Parliament he fears,
85% lady MP's aggregate in the next 11 years
Sixty years is not so few;
All these years what did you do?
Except keep appointing your near ones and dears...

If you are honest, evaluate their work,
Don't violate Parliament and run beserk,
You don't need to sin
Honest work must win,
Don't want folks who only enjoy the perks....

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  1. one needs some talent to come up with limericks..I have always loved this genre; but never tried it myself..hopefully; will try it once :)


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