Sunday, April 10, 2011

Faster in Jail

Pappu Yadav, MP , accused in 15 criminal cases, and convicted for the murder of one, and serving a life term, went on a fast in Beoor Jail ,"claiming to be in support of Anna Hazare". One wonders , if goonda politicians like Pappu, have changed overnight, or whether they now have one more trick up their sleeves. And one also wonders why the mainstream media reports this avidly.

A simple man energizes the nation,
Fasts and the govt issues a proclamation,
So many supportive voices
The middle class rejoices,
Civil society now invited for participation

But there's a trickle down effect in Beoor Jail,
With 15 criminal cases,one conviction, and no bail,
Pappu Yadav does a fast,
Found a solution at last,
Such gestures from a crooked clever MP never fail....

Somewhere the media seems to have a screw loose
It gives him importance by reporting this news,
With jantar mantar here,
The contrast is so clear,
And the jail head participates by giving Pappu juice.....

Is a fast just about no food, and number of days ?
Isn't it the quality of the person, and what he says ?
When the corrupt Pappu fasts,
Ignore him while it lasts,
Or he might think , it not just works, but even pays...

So stay tuned for those who will now fast to win,
Employing supporters to come and make a din,
Special doctors will come
And start looking glum,
Pappus will wink, and say let the tamasha begin....


  1. A shame on the media who bring it out to the public.And that is exactly the reason why these people do it.It is as if the media is starving for news.
    Linking Pappu Yadav to the cause of Hassare is a shame and is despicable.

  2. Look, media is now a news manufacturing unit depending upon as to who do they need to please and get awards from.

  3. There was a faster in jail
    Who wished to be out on bail
    When asked what was the hurry
    He said he wouldn't worry
    If the food were not so utterly stale

  4. My first visit here after getting link from Neha's space. It has been a wonderful experience. In each strong message conveyed making sure that reader while smiling thinks what is deep inside. Keep it up. How I wish I could do the same! This one is so right about media. Even I wrote a post on Media Antics in Apr this year.

    Thanks Neha for giving this link in your other space.

    Take care everyone of you


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