Saturday, January 30, 2010

Whither awards ?

Sant Singh Chatwal , fundraiser, suspected and investigated for fraud by CBI, and Saif Ali Khan, highly pedigreed, but ordinary actor, and accused of wild life poaching, awarded the Padma awards on Jan 26. One wonders about prerequisites, and if there are any, for selection. LINK

The Padma awards should be the nations pride,
Should be mostly for those who by law abide,
But Sants accused of Fraud,
Still get the final nod,
With the Minister standing firmly by the side...

The Padma awards should be the nations Joy,
Not something that is tweaked like a child's toy,
But some say, what a life !
They've given it to Saif,
Mouthing obscenities in films, has worked for the boy...

We notice some only after the world recognizes,
And gives them awards, citations and prizes,
But you know it wasn't fun,
Godfather ? They never had one...
Just obstructions of all kinds and all sizes...

And so what of those, who do a dedicated slog,
And some who work for each and every underdog,
But I guess its not funny,
These folks have no money,
And all you can do is praise them in your blog....

1 comment:

  1. Awards are a business too,
    ask a showbiz star or two,
    it's all about the glamour
    just dismiss the truth as rumour,
    At the most fake some remorse
    act like you care about their woes,
    Then continue to spread some strife
    do away with wild or just any life,
    No one seems to care anyway
    after all more are born everyday!


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