Monday, June 1, 2009

More Tobacco day ?

In his infinite wisdom, the Health Minister chooses World NO Tobacco Day, to say, that showing people puffing cigarettes in movies is fine, and need not be banned.... (link)

The combined knowledge of a ministerial mind,

May possibly leave some empty space behind,
For despite United Nations,
And "anti tobacco" declarations,
The election euphoria has made them so blind

So while heroes in movies inhale a poison puff,

Kill a kidnapped child, and then say " how tough!,
That's entertainment,dance and song,
We show kids everything that's wrong,
Its you who allows them to watch all that stuff..".

So just like reel life , real life teaches,
No one's impressed by ministerial speeches,
They're busy checking "offers",
Its always time to fill the coffers,
And then suck the common man dry, like parasitic leeches...

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