Thursday, August 26, 2010

In keeping with the Games mess.....

World chess champion Vishwanathan Anand denied honorary doctorate by Delhi Bureaucracy.

They are so good at shutting their eyes,
Ignoring crimes and remain deaf to lies,
Crooked types are praised
Scamsters given a raise,
And decent people are rudely cut down to size

The country's HR ministry has to be blind,
The men who decide cant apply their mind,
Insulting Champions in Chess,
Vishwanathan Anand, no less,
They thought his passport was a non-Indian kind...

Honor his brilliance,and his great dedication,
The International Conference, was a fitting occasion,
But oneupmanship and politics,
Kickbacks and front kicks,
Have made the MHRD, the laughing stock of the nation.

For "some" with European passports, we scrape and we bow,
Useless netas are given fancy doctorates , and how !
But this one they peruse,
I think some screw must be loose
Anands passport is Indian, it doesnt matter what's his "gaon"

Are we honoring his abilities, or the passport he does hold,
Can the govt take decisions, quick, innovative and bold?
Let Universities decide,
let Knowledege be the guide,
Politics plays NO part, and the government must be clearly told.

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  1. We are a country of experts in mismanagement, shameless ministers


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