Saturday, August 14, 2010

Malai Statin Koftaas

A doctor from Imperial College London whose study was published in the American Journal of Cardiology has proclaimed that people who eat burgers and milkshakes at fast food restaurants should be given free statin drugs (like ketchup packets) to counteract the cholesterol effects of eating burgers.

British Scientists say, serve fast food with a twist,
A serving of statin pills, in case you have missed,
So all you girls and guys
Gorge on the meat and fries,
You will grace the Pharma company's annual honors list

If the West decrees it, how can we be left behind ?
Statin stuffed malai koftaas on your plate you then find,
Statin studded mutton,
and chicken for a glutton,
Crushed statins pizza, mixed with cheese, if you don't mind....

The ill effects of statins just might make you shiver,
The taker must be careful, regardless of who 's the giver,
Hurting muscles and joints,
Are rhabdomyolosis points,
And the first to get messed up will be your precious liver...

Daal bhaat, chapati sabji, is still the meal of choice,
Despite all this research and pharma sponsored noise,
With koshimbir on the side,
Dahi along for the ride,
Will raise a generation of healthy girls and boys....

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to announce a new facet of one stop shopping.

    Gone are the days when a doctor will advise you to make life style changes to improve your health, instead you will be able to order your Lipitor with a side of Burger and Fries!

    Talk about a new marketing ploy! Drug reps will now be spending time at your favourite fast food chains and take-away stores, pushing their ‘quick fix’ drugs to medically uneducated burger ‘flippers’ and salt shaker fillers.


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