Friday, August 20, 2010

Democracy in action

The Salary of Indian Members of Parliament (MPs) has been hiked by 300%, by passing a separate Bill . See this

"What will you be when you grow up ?", she asked
He thought ,scratched his head, and blurted at last,
"IT, and Medicine are passe, you see,
The thing to be now is actually an MP,
No work, just sit, shout, run, and a pension after 5 years have passed"

20k, each month, for an office to set up,
Another 20k pm so your constituents shut up,
Rs 1000 "only" per session per day,
8 air trips for the spouse, govt. to pay,
You sit on the backbench at indulge in gupshup....

You fall sick, you get first class medical care,
You don't pay a paisa for anything while there,
All those sick needy folks in line,
Must know I'm getting what's mine
I don't control all those germs in their air.....

For exercise you run to the Parliament floor,
Tear papers, threaten , and walk out through the door,
And of course its well known
You can fling the microphone,
And every few years, crib and shout, "I want more!"


  1. What is happening in our democracy is a shame on the nation.When the leadership is weak,corruption is the action of the day, sycophancy is the ladder to success, every one tries to get the best deal.MPs are complaining, but dont look at the last col in their balance sheet "other income"

  2. 20K is now 40K
    from 8 air trips , it is now unlimited first class train trips
    pension has gone up by more than 60%
    and still they feel they are BPL ?


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