Saturday, September 18, 2010

Simmering Trouble

Shabana Azmi has decided to learn cooking, she says on her sixtieth birthday. [Link]

The beautiful dame Shabana Azmi,
Is sixty [and naughty], says her mummy!
She is learning to cook,
With a Tarla Dalal book,
Why is Javed in tears? Can you tell me?


  1. At an age where she doesnt need to impress any ladka
    Oil heating on the stove and she practices a tadka,
    The jeera and the rice,
    Say , "my God! how nice !"
    I hope she wipes the haldi spots with the kitchen fadka

  2. नको करूस फोडणी, नको वाटूस आलं-लसणाची गोळी ,
    वेलदोडे, कांदे, मिरे आणि बासमती धुतलेली रोळी
    साफ कर माश्यातले काटे,
    व बनव मुळ्याचे पराठे,
    आणि वेळ मिळाला तर नक्की शिक पुरणाची पोळी ....

  3. She being a very dominating woman, may be wanting Javed to help her cut onions.

  4. "हि फुगत कशी नाही ?" धुसफुसत शबाना चिडली,
    तीन तास बनव्त्ये ती दक्षिणेतली चटणी व इडली ,
    बांधली कमरेस आपली ओढणी ,
    गरम तेलात हिंग मोहरीची फोडणी ,
    आणि एक मोहरी जावेद च्या नाकाला जाउन भिडली ....

  5. She thinks enough of impressing the janta now
    Let's get into making bhaji paav
    That's the spirit I say,
    Wishing her a Happy B'day :D

  6. Cant you see
    the pain in his eyes
    she can act,but he cannot
    So he cannot help crying.


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