Saturday, March 28, 2009

Outsourcing grounds

Security shadow forces IPL out of India ....(link)

Thinking that the business model was sound,
The IPL types were amazed at what they found,
On security, government had views,
For matches, they said,"we refuse"....,
Now IPL is outsourcing the cricket ground........

Awash with funds, they can create their own force,

Train them and tackle the problem at the source,
On non game days, give rest,
Or loan to the nation, at best,
And then get the good wishes of everyone , of course...........


  1. Unfortunate the tourney had to go,
    Wish they would have left the ego,

    Tried a lil harder to adjust,
    coz to Indian fans this is unjust,

    For administrators its always about money,
    For us fans its first love my dear honey.

  2. hey can i copy that picture of pencil, i m a poet and didnt even know ?

  3. Unlike the IPL, the Net is free,
    Watered with blogs it grows like a tree
    If you like something,
    Ask for it like a king,
    All the pictures are free as free as can be

  4. How clever you all are. Never had rhythm or brevity, but you guys are GOOD!

  5. We're so overcome, to hear the GOOD word,
    We've occasionally, some wrath incurred,
    We thought its time,
    To say it in rhyme,
    And ensure that a "limerick" is heard

    Oh, your blog , there's rhythm in it,
    Brevity ? Such a huge country to fit ,
    But "Lilly's life" is one,
    Where guaranteed is the fun,
    And plenty of laughs and oodles of wit....


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