Friday, March 13, 2009

Currency "reigns" : no drought here..

Karnataka tops notorious states' list. (Link)

Samajwadi Party General Secretary Amar Singh has defended the distribution of money at the Saifai meeting where party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav was also present. He claimed the money was a Holi gift to Mulayam's extended familyCash for votes :

Govinda does a Mulayam, distributes money ...

Andhra,Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu top in votes-for money,
Govinda distributes currency so openly, he's no longer funny,
But Amar Singh so shameless,
Distributes money to the nameless,
There are photos of human bees with the monetary honey

Ethics was not a strong point, power hungry as they can be,
"A Holi gift for my extended families", says Mulayamsinghji,
Your fortunes will flower,
If you elect me to Power,
To become someone, you always have to pay a hefty fee....

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  1. Govinda does a Mulayam, distributes money
    Floging a dead horse, his days aren't sunny
    Ethics? Well, how is it spelt?
    No offence here is sternly dealt
    They provide subjects to write limericks funny



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