Sunday, February 8, 2009

Specially shameless

Raju's to get special status in prison : The district magistrate allowed them special treatment in prison. The trio would get a cell with an attached toilet, cot, pillows but would have to share the cell. The special status enables them to buy their own food from outside. They would also be provided utensils for preparing food if they want to. (Link)

Steal a bike and you can get thrown in jail
Embezzle crores, and still you'll never fail,
Money talks, giving a status to you,
A three seater with cots and a loo,
They made an application, thereby hangs a tale......

The magistrate read it, and then thought for a while,
Smiled at the Raju's and did a noting on the file,
So the others get worms and leaky taps,
Any complaints are answered by slaps,
And suffer indignities, while the Rajus just smile........

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