Monday, February 2, 2009

Inspired by Teeth...

Inspired by this blog and this story, get a new understanding of dentists......

Injections, digging, the gums are being drilled,
The pain is so bad, I am certainly not thrilled,
I didnt know those canals had roots,
The teeth and dentist must be in cahoots,
I'll know how much, maybe only when I am billed......

London has Bridges, it also has a Crown,
Why have it in my mouth ? I think and frown...
But Lord Krishna did "Aaaaa...",
And showed the Universe from afar
And Ma Yashoda's jaw just fell and stayed down.......


  1. ha ha ha....interesting...i just read sucharita's plight too...i shouldnt be laughing ....i hve an appointment with the dentist next weeks....but u folks are so funny...

  2. My teeth have made my dentist
    Stand for hours on his toes
    My teeth have inspired this lady
    To write odes on my woes
    My teeth have made my fame spread
    Far among my friends and foes.

    Thanks, Suranga.


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