Saturday, February 14, 2009

Punish these activists...

Bajrang Dal men, attack brother-sister on Valentines Day in Ujjain. (link)
A group of overzealous Bajrang Dal activists protesting against Valentine's Day celebrations chased a brother and sister and misbehaved with them in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh

There is a new profession , "The Moral Police",
You simply need to know hitting, there are no fees,
You spy on couples on the sly,
Then hit them as they go by,
There's free publicity there , if you please.....

But people are angry, tempers do burn,
This profession too, is on a downturn,
Would you really be so kind,
Your own business, please mind,

The women do not need your fake concern......


  1. No need to curse! 'Twas a good one! Encore please!

  2. Government took things seriously in this case,
    But some Moral Police still managed to surface,
    They tried their best
    But were faced with arrest
    Things need to really move at a much faster pace..


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