Wednesday, January 28, 2009


While fighting terrorists, some deaths are more important than others. So Shashank Shinde of the Mumbai Police who died on 26/11 was awarded a lesser prize than the others who fought the same terrorists at the same time.

Presumably the government has a "quota" for awards.

The government in its wisdom, also completely bypassed the two boxers from Haryana (Sushil Kumar and Vijendra)who got Olympic 2008 Bronzes.

But Aisharway Rai, gets a Padma Shri, for completely unkown reasons. Harbhajan Singh, diito.

Fighting terrorists to death , Inspector Shinde, is not enough

For the country's award, you need connections and stuff,
If you're pretty, shake in movies,, and mostly smile,
They'll give you a Padma Shri award after a while,

And for Olympic Bronze winners, its even more tough.....

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  1. Dont think talent is really a criteria for these awards....u just shud be there in limelight for a while, market yourself well...and few years time...u have the award.
    They r as meaningless as those Lifetime achievement awards for movies. U really dont have do be an exceptional actor....all u need is just hang in there...without dieing & one day u will get it !


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