Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Day of the Donkey....

Mumbai january 25, 2009
Medical camp for donkeys on CST platform no 18 ! There are over 200 donkeys in the city. There is a huge concentration of donkey population in some suburbs of Mumbai like Khar, Malad, Bandra, Vasai and Borivali.These donkeys work at construction sites and are used to carry building materials like gravel and dust. The animals will be given deworming medicines, anti-tetanus vaccination, and their injuries will be dressed .....(link)

They replace trucks and tempos in difficult terrain,
Their efforts at lugging loads have not gone in vain,
The veterinarians are a dedicated breed,
The donkey med camp will surely succeed,
On CST platform no 18, next to a outbound train......

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