Saturday, January 24, 2009

Get well wishes for the PM

PM undergoes bypass surgery, nation prays ....LINK

Simple straight men in politics have a troubled heart,
They try their best, a clean government to start,
But stress of watching the weak
Lying folks with a crooked streak,
Hurts, and the tension then, just plays its part....

We hope the PM soon recovers and recuperates
We'll see him drive in thru the Parliament Gates,
And he will pass the medical test,
We wish him the very special best,
A huge "Get Well soon " from all the country's states......


  1. I heard this sad news Ugich. Apparently our Prime Minister was meant to meet him today and they had to cancel this. Great limerick!

  2. Liked both the limericks. Limericking [even if there is no such word, why ot coin it?] comes very naturally to you!


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